Choosing a Criminal Attorney in Las Vegas

Anyone who goes to court needs an attorney.

Again, the old adage is true, I say again,

Anyone who goes to court needs an attorney.

Legal opinions are like belly buttons, everybody has one. Don’t
rely on friends and family for legal advice, listen to only the attorneys.
Do listen to friends and family for attorney referrals. Las Vegas is still
a small town in many ways, a few referrals is an excellent starting point.

  • Look for attorneys who concentrate in criminal defense.
  • Former public defenders can be excellent attorneys; they know the
  • Look up the attorneys past cases on the Clark
    County District Court website
    . This will give you an idea of their
    experience and types of cases they’ve handled in the past.

Almost all attorneys will give you a free consultation on your case with
no obligation. Discuss your case with several. You, nor your friends or
family have the experience to know what the best thing for you is, an
attorney does. You can discuss the possible consequences with an attorney
free of charge, and get some ideas about what you might be facing in court.

But I didn’t do it, I really didn’t.

It does happen, unfortunately you’re now in the spot of having
to defend yourself and prove you didn’t. You may be thinking that
if you bring an attorney that somehow implies you’re guilty. The
truth is that when you’re arrested and the District or City Attorney
in Las Vegas have decided they’re going to prosecute, they already
think you’re guilty.

Innocent people have gone to court thinking the truth alone will manifest
itself and save them. Wrong. Without a defense, its easy pickings for
the prosecutor and if so inclined, can seek any kind of sentence they

You have to defend yourself.

OK, I am guilty; I’ll just take what they give me.

There’s a lot wrong with thinking like that.

Let’s use DUI as an example. The first DUI offense in Nevada is a misdemeanor
punishable by up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. The minimum
penalties for first offense are two days in jail or 96 hours of community
service, a $200 fine, $70 in court costs, a $60 chemical test fee, and
a drunken driving education course, including mandatory attendance at
a victim impact panel. An unchallenged prosecutor can seek any sentence
they want, if it’s excessive, it doesn’t matter, with no one to defend
your position, they may get it on. An attorney can make a dramatic difference in your quality of lifeĀ for the near future.

Bottom line;
Get all the information you can, with that you can make an intelligent decision.