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Generally speaking, bail bonds in Las Vegas, Nevada and the rest of the
country work pretty much the same. More than likely, you will be just
concerned about the Las Vegas bail bonds process, if however, you have
someone with a problem in another state, we can get them a bail bond and
also and give you the details of the jurisdiction you would be working

What is bail?

The amount of money necessary to be put up with the court in order for
a person who has been arrested to be released from custody.

What is a bail bond?

A contract between the court and the bondsman promising to pay the bail
amount if the person arrested, “the defendant” does not come
back to court when he is supposed to.

How much does it cost?

In Las Vegas and in Nevada the amount charged, “the premium”
is 15% of the bail amount. For a $3,000 bail bond the premium would be
$450. There’s also a $40 filing fee per charge that the court assesses.

What could all this mean to me?

When you cosign for a bail bond in Las Vegas, if the defendant misses
a court date a warrant will be issued. In Las Vegas, the bail bonds company
has 6 months to

  • quash (eliminate) the warrant, getting the person bailed a new court
  • put the defendant back in jail

Now life does happen, flat tires, traffic, etc. For people who are serious
about their obligations, getting “back on calendar” is easy.
It’s not like TV where bounty hunters automatically go arrest people and
throw them back into custody.

You as the indemnitor do need to know that if 6 months elapse and the
warrant can’t be quashed or the defendant put back in custody, the indemnitor
would have to pay the full bail amount to the judge.

So, how does this all work?

You get a call from a friend or relative, they’ve been arrested, have
a $3,000 bail and would like you to bail them out.

You, as the “indemnitor” or cosigner on the bail bond agree

  • pay the $450 premium
  • are guaranteeing that the friend or relative will attend all their
    court dates.
  • when the person you cosigned for finishes up all his business with
    the judge, or at the judge’s discretion, will “exonerate”
    the bond, it is null and void, worthless, the business between the bail
    bonds company, defendant and you is over.

What is collateral?

On some rare occasions, collateral is security you put up that can be
liquidated, or cashed in, if the defendant does not show up and the bail
bonds company has to pay the judge the amount of the bail bond.

Do I get my money back?

In Las Vegas, and the rest of Nevada, the bail bonds company charges
15%, no more, no less, that fee is non-refundable, you do not get that

You may have posted cash as collateral with the bail bonds, assuming
the person you bailed clears everything up, you will get that money back.